Special Offers
Special Offers
Special Offers
Special Offers
Budget shoutcast hosting: perfect for new streaming radio stations using shoutcast who wish to be able to support more listeners than is possible on
a simple home (even broadband connection).

  • 24-hour setup
  • Best possible pricing
  • Limit of 3 (three) packages per station, which my be set to relay from each other upon request
  • Specifically designed and priced for smaller internet radio stations
Price per stream:
Price monthly:
10 x 128k Shoutcast streams
Shared bandwidth
0.95 USD
9.50 USD
20 x 64k Shoutcast streams
Shared bandwidth
0.475 USD
9.50 USD
40 x 32k Shoutcast streams
Shared bandwidth
0.2375 USD
9.50 USD
To make an order, please use our contact form. You need to specify the bitrate and total number of simulatenous listeners you would like.

128k: 30
64k: 60
32k: 120

This offer is not available to larger internet stations, such as those listed on iTunes radio directory. Please refer to our Premium shoutcast stream host offers if that describes your station.

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