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To be a responsible and legal webcaster (internet radio station owner) you need to be paying royalties to ACAP, BMI and SESAC if your key audience is in the United States. This is for every copyrighted song you play!

Since the vast majority of internet radio listenership is in the US, you need this to be legally streaming your internet radio station on Shoutcast, iTunes, Windows Media, and through your own website..

You could opt to license your internet radio station stream privately, with a separate arrangement for all the licensing bodies. You would then be required to take part in detailed reporting systems, providing information about which listeners listened where, when, and how long for. This is arduous and intensive.

Keep legal -- and keep it easy! Use the following service:

Marvin there is very helpful. What's more, all the onerous reporting is taken away from you, and handled by the guys at StreamLicensing. All you do is concentrate on running your internet radio station, and let Marvin do the rest. What's more, its easily affordable -- you can pay on Paypal, and can even offer you a discount when you sign up. Go to: - taking care of internet radio station royalties for your station

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