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Special Offers
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StreamTheNet.com: Reliable Budget Shoutcast stream hosting.
Affordable internet radio station host service provider for Shoutcast servers for internet radio stations
Shoutcast stream host provider, with the hobbyist in mind.

Q:Can I stream 24/7/365 with these packages?
A: Yes

Q:What are the limits?
A:The only limits that apply are the concurrent listeners. If you buy a 100 listener package, then up to
100 people may listen at any one time, 24/7, if you need them to. No extra charge! Obviously, the bitrate you purchase will be enforced, and you will be locked out of your server if you exceed it, so choose carefully!

Q: Where are your servers located?
A: Our servers are based all over the world. Locations vary, and we endeavor to place clients on the server with the most available bandwidth free at the time to provide the best possible listening experience for your shoutcast server.

Q: Do you offer Windows Media stream hosting, or just ShoutCast?
A: At this time, we can only offer ShoutCast servers. Please note that Windows Media Player (version 9 and above) is entirely capable of playing Shoutcast radio streams.

Q: These are good prices! Is your bandwidth oversold? Are there any hidden limits to my server when I get one?
A: We simply pass on savings from bulk-buying server bandwidth to the end customer (you). Dedicated bandwidth is sold as completely never, ever oversold. Shared bandwidth: we will monitor to ensure all clients on a shared connection get a reasonable and acceptable service level. The only limits we impose are the maximum number of concurrent listeners and the bitrate you agreed to stream at when you started. If you should stream at higher than the agreed bitrate, this will be considered abuse of service and your account will be suspended without refund!

Q: What control panel do I get with my server?
A: Although many providers do use a control panel that allows you to start/stop your server, we do not. For one, it would increase our prices. However, more importantly, we find that if we run your shoutcast server as a system service on the main server, we can actually make it more reliable for you. With many control panels, some sellers actually use them to limit your usage -- either by placing a bandwidth limit, restarting servers randomly and so on. By running your shoutcast server in its own process space, you are actually assured of a MORE reliable server than one running in a control panel, because it is automatically restarted by the operating system on the server if it should fail for any reason, just like any system service. You can of course, still view and administer your ShoutCast server through the html interface just as normal. This is a no-frills service, focusing on what's important, in order to keep the costs down. It's just what we all need in the 'challenging' financial times!

Q: What is the minimum contract period? Do my payments auto-renew or subscribe?
A: There is no minimum contract, unless you negotiated a custom deal with one of our representatives.
Some special offers will subscribe you via Paypal, which you can easily cancel at any time. We would appreciate 30 days' notice if you do want to cancel, however, and, if you are having issues with our service, we always do our best to resolve it for you!

Q:Reliability? What's it like for these servers?
A:You can expect in excess of 95% reliabilty for hobby servers, and considerably more for professional servers.

Q:Do you offer refunds?
A:As you can see by our pricing, we are running on tight margins. Since each server is set up as a system service by hand (see above) we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances, UNLESS for some reason we simply do not have any bandwidth available to set you up within 24 hours of your order (48 at weekends).

Q: Will you help me set up Winamp/ShoutCast on my computer to feed the stream to my server?
A: Under normal circumstances, we cannot. It is your responsiblilty to set up shoutcast at your end to feed your server with us. You receive the IP address/server name, port, password etc when your order is completed, and you are expected to put this into Winamp/Shoutcast yourself. If you really need one of us to do this for you, and you have working remote control software (such as VNC), we will do this for a fee of 99 USD.

Q: Is there a setup fee?
A: No. The price you see is the price you pay.

Q:Do you cover me for royalty payments, etc on copyrighted music?
A: Absolutely never. You must be covered for streaming pop music, for example, from at least your originating country. Use a proper licensing agency for this. Contact us if you are not sure what to do.

UPDATE: We know a man that can:
Our friends at streamlicensing have a great package, perfect for small webcasters, and we've worked with them to garner a great sign up discount for you!

Only at:

discount code:

In addition, I've found Marvin to be responsive and efficient over there. Give them a try!

Q: What about SAM, DRS <substitute a vendor-specific name here> - my playout software. Will it be
compatible with your streaming service? Will you set it up for me?
A:See Winamp/Shoutcast above. If your radio automation software supports regular Shoutcast, it will also be able to stream into our servers with no problem. Its up to the vendor of your DJ Software to assist with this, however, though its often very well documented in the help files as its a common aim.

Q: I have a question not answered here. Can you help?
A: Of course, here you go!

Q: How do I order?
A: Choose your package, and hit the buy now button for the package you want. Click here to do so.